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What are EICRs and Why Are They Important?

An Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) is a comprehensive assessment of the electrical installation in your home or property. It is a legal requirement in the UK for landlords to have an EICR carried out every 5 years, and it is highly recommended for homeowners to have one done as well.

The purpose of an EICR is to identify any potential safety hazards or faults in your electrical installation. It involves a thorough inspection of all electrical fittings, including sockets, switches, and wiring, to ensure that they are safe and comply with current regulations.


At Bondfield Electrical Services, we offer comprehensive EICR services to ensure the safety and compliance of your electrical installation. Our experienced and qualified electricians will conduct a thorough inspection of your electrical fittings and provide you with a detailed report highlighting any issues or potential hazards.

Don't take chances with your electrical safety. Contact Bondfield Electrical Services today to schedule an EICR inspection and ensure the safety and compliance of your electrical installation.

English Country House

1-2  Bedroom property


Country House

4 bedroom Property


(Up to 12 circuits)

Residential Houses

3 Bedroom property


(Up to 10 circuits)

Family house

5 bedroom property +

£100+VAT per consumer unit plus £20+VAT per circuit

(Minimum charge of £350+VAT)

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